The Greek Aegean Islands currently house nearly 35,000 refugees and the situation is disastrous.

More than 14,000 people live alone in and around the Moria registration camp on Lesvos – five times more than the camp can actually accommodate. The conditions are terrible, especially for the children. About 4000 children are in the camp. According to “Doctors Without Borders”, who run a children’s clinic there, the doctors experience very young children who bite themselves or tear their hair out. „The children are so traumatized that they do not know where to go with their feelings. Some hit their heads against the wall. There are suicide attempts even by younger children „.

The fact that these descriptions do not come from a war zone, but from Europe, concerns us very much and we have been looking for ways to at least make a small contribution to helping these people and to show that we care about them.

We were particularly impressed by a Greek volunteer organization, which operates a large department store in Lesbos to provide the refugees with the essentials.

They often come drenched with a few personal items and need warm, dry clothes and shoes to survive the cold and rainy winter days on the islands. On some days several hundred people arrive. With the „Box of Love“ campaign of the „Attika Human Support“ organization, packages of sanitary items can be shipped free of charge through a partner company, and are handed out by local volunteers to the people.

List of the required items

Collection dates in the depot of the AK Asyl Maintal (Maintaler Schwimmbad, Edmund-Seng-Straße 19) are Saturday 9th November from 10:00 to 12:00, Tuesday, 12 November and Thursday, 14 November from 16.00 to 18.00.

Further acceptance dates will be published on the website.